Enable your students or patients to reach their full potential.

SuperSpeak AAC is a powerful tool for anyone working in schools or organizations with children who struggle with non-verbal conditions.

SuperSpeak helps children communicate using a mobile device -with photos and sounds taken from their surroundings. They can express their needs, initiate requests, respond to questions or make social comments by forming words and sentences using an easy-to-use visual interface.

But SuperSpeak is much more than just an AAC tool: It also has Play area where children can learn the building blocks necessary to language and concept comprehension, as well as grow their vocabulary through a variety of visual lessons. As they progress through engaging exercises, they earn points and unlock fun and personalized rewards.

Here are three reasons you should consider using SuperSpeak with the non-verbal children you serve in your schools or organizations:

  • It’s simple and fun to use—children will love it!

    SuperSpeak is easy and intuitive to use for special-needs providers, children, parents, and alike. Teachers can add their own custom images and recordings to the SuperSpeak library with a simple-to-use template, – they can also customize the rewards and milestones for children. Children will love the game-like features of the Play functionality.

  • It provides a consistent learning environment across school, home or therapy.

    Each child’s user experience is stored in a secure, cloud-based profile, creating a consistent learning environment that is accessible from anywhere. This enables case workers and special-needs providers at your school to add new photos to a child’s profile, depicting vocabulary words that he or she learned in school or therapy—-the childs parents can access these photos and have their child practice these new words from home or any other environment. With SuperSpeak, you can manage numerous child profiles from one account and share these profiles with parents in a private, secure environment—working together seamlessly with parents to develop critical communication skills for their children.  These features can really help teachers manage their students at school.

  • Its features are grounded in research and best practices.

    SuperSpeak’s Play mode aligns with the latest research on game-based learning. What’s more, because symbols are decontextualized from the child’s environment, they can be hard for some children to understand. For this reason, some speech language pathologists believe that using one’s own photos can be more effective in building a child’s vocabulary than using generic images. By encouraging the use of self-taken images, SuperSpeak is essentially promoting a more efficient way for children to learn.

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