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Karyn Warren


This is a terrific, user-friendly app! Some AAC apps are “clunky,” but this one allows for easy photo uploads; quick recording of real-voice labels; clear options for photo edits; and simplicity in moving between user and programmer screens. I haven’t used it on an iPad, but it looks great and behaves well on my iPhone 6. It’s a really nice, on -the-run app that anyone can program quickly!

Leah BoothSpeech-language pathologist, Yale School of Medicine

SuperSpeak is so elegant and simple to use! It really makes it easy to add and change photos for our son’s vocabulary.

Mother of 11 year old boy with Autism

SuperSpeak is an easy-to-use, professional, and powerful augcomm system. It sets the bar for applications in this space.

Fred ShicPhD, Assistant Professor in the Child Study Center and of Computer Science; Yale School of Medicine

This is a great little AAC you can immediately use within your therapy session. Very easy to download and use. In less than 5 minutes, I was working on choicemaking with photographs of the child’s favorite toys. Easy to add photos as well.

Karen M. CA

Very easy to use and perfect for my child on the spectrum. We have tried other apps that don’t allow me to use my own photos and it never works as well. Very grateful for this new app. My family has a little more peace in our lives.

Kelly and family

SuperSpeak is a creative app to engage many levels of challenged kids. The format is easy and fun to maneuver. Plus, there is plenty of positive reinforcement to reward learned skills. Whether you are a teacher or the parent, you will make learning an enjoyable experience with SuperSpeak.

Retired Special Educator

Thank you so much for creating such an easy to use and family friendly application. We can set up our profiles with ease and transfer the information between users with no difficulty. We work with many families over long distances and it is wonderful to be able to update the profiles and simply watch them transfer across devices. For many of our students this will be the first time that they can access an easy to use, cost-effective, and user-friendly application. We are very excited to see what the next steps for it will be.


Empowering children who struggle with speech and language difficulties.

Millions of children struggle to communicate every day because they have autism, Down syndrome, apraxia, cerebral palsy, aphasia, or other non-verbal conditions or developmental disabilities.

SuperSpeak is a simple, yet powerful, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) mobile app that helps non-verbal children  learn critical language skills -SuperSpeak allows them to communicate anytime, anywhere—enabling them to build confidence, develop self-esteem, and master their everyday challenges.

More than just an alternative communications tool, SuperSpeak is a full language learning environment—complete with a game-based learning mode, with a built-in token economy system, that engages and motivates children


Help your child communicate with an easy-to-use, fully customizable mobile app that encourages learning through play.

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Special Needs Providers

Nurture the development of key vocabulary skills within a simple, cloud-based environment that is consistent across therapy, school and home.

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Empower your students or patients to reach their full potential with a dynamic mobile app that is more than just an AAC tool.

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Karyn Warren

SuperStar Spotlight: Karyn Warren, ASD Teacher

Last year at the Georgia IDEAS conference we had the great pleasure of meeting a very forward-thinking school district administrator, Laura J. Austin, Ed.S. As chairperson of Greenbrier High School’s Special Education Department, Laura immediately recognized how SuperSpeak AAC & PLAY would be a game changer for her students and teachers. Once SuperSpeak was implemented […]

Torgrim the Viking

Our First Ambassador is Here to Help you get Super with AAC Tech

We have a new member to the team and he wants to help you become Super at using tech with nonverbal children.  As our first ambassador to Superplus, Torgrim Sollid is hitting the road this April for 6 weeks to provide free workshops! Do you want this workshop at your school or clinic? Click here to signup for […]

Functional Communication

The Importance of Functional Communication Training

Imagine how you feel when you’re on the telephone and have a bad connection. Or when you’re trying to talk and someone keeps interrupting you. Or when you are trying to remember a word and just can’t grasp it. I know when these things happen to me, I sometimes exhibit behaviors such as stomping my […]