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How does SuperSpeak work?

With SuperSpeak, your child can communicate using a mobile device – with photos and sounds taken from his or her own surroundings. Children can express their needs, initiate requests, respond to questions or make social comments by forming words and sentences using an easy-to-use visual interface.

And SuperSpeak is much more than just an AAC tool: It also has a Play area where children can grow their vocabulary through a variety of visual lessons. As they progress through engaging exercises, they earn points and unlock fun and personalized rewards. Data reports for parents and special needs providers gives real-time updates on engagement and progression.

Each child’s user experience is stored in a secure, cloud-based profile, creating a consistent learning environment that is accessible from anywhere and on any IOS device. This lets you add new photos to a child’s profile, depicting vocabulary words that he or she learned at school, therapy or home and give your child access to these new words from any environment or device. You can also manage numerous child profiles from one SuperSpeak account and share these profiles with parents or other special needs providers on your child’s team in a private, secure environment—working together seamlessly with parents to develop critical communication skills for the children in your care.

SuperSpeak White Paper

Learn more about the design philosophy behind SuperSpeak and the key research that informs our unique approach.

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Research Supporting SuperSpeak

Learn more about the design philosophy behind SuperSpeak and the key research that informs our unique approach by downloading our White Paper.

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Learning module

Our learning module is inspired by the tools professional language pathologists use.

It places these tools into the hands of parents allowing them to help their SuperKids develop communication skills and confidence no matter where they are located.

As all children are different, the learning module provides help on all levels – from learning to interact with the app through a touch screen to complex communication training with other children.

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Kirsten McLoud 
Marketing Director

  • Labs

Pushing the limits of knowledge and play

At Superplus we are always looking for new and clever ways to marry the fields of technology, pedagogy, research, psychology and gaming. From crunching math during the development of our in-house eye tracking technology SuperSight  to playing with new creative ways of bringing the positive elements of the gaming world into the lives of children with special needs.

We love our work and we hope you will too!

Our latest Superplus Lab project is focused on enabling location awareness in our AAC product. In order to do this we are using the latest in Beacon and Nearable technologies that allow us to pinpoint the exact physical location and room the AAC is used in. You can read more about it here.

Here are some sneak peaks at some of the stuff that goes on in the Superplus Lab