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Our SuperSpeak community is a space where we can all share experiences and what we have all learned in using SuperSpeak with our SuperKiddos so that together we can move forward in understanding solutions that work best for our loved ones.

We are parents, teachers, family members, techies, game developers, researchers, professors, psychologists, clinical scientists and advocates. We believe in providing both digital and real life solutions for children with special needs.

We welcome your questions, suggestions, posts and guest blogging inquiries.  Thank you and enjoy!

How to Make Thanksgiving Fun and Easy for your Nonverbal Kiddo

Invite the whole family to communicate with your SuperKiddo for the Thanksgiving holiday, as the app is FREE for the first 14 days 

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Download from the app store here: http://get.superspeak.today. The app SuperSpeak facilitates communication between children with special needs and their parents, caregivers and therapists. Give everyone the opportunity to communicate with your nonverbal SuperKiddo by using the “share profile” feature demonstrated in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8gLu…).

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Getting Nonverbal Kiddos Ready for Halloween

In this video you will learn some steps you can take to both communicate to your SuperKiddo what they are going to do as well as give your child the opportunity to communicate what they would like to do.

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Empowering your SuperKiddo with the tools to feel comfortable and confident will make for an even happier Halloween for everyone!

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How to Easily Share Your Child’s AAC Vocabulary Across Multiple Devices and Environments

In this video you will see how easy it is for parents and special needs providers to access the same vocabulary for their SuperKiddo on SuperSpeak an AAC assistive technology.

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When using a shared SuperSpeak profile, everyone can benefit from a synced, current vocabulary that they and your SuperKiddo can access anytime, anywhere, on any Apple device.

There’s no need for file-sharing, Dropbox folders or even multiple accounts for all your devices. With SuperSpeak, consistency is built-in and ready-to-go.

Practical. Accessible.These were the two priorities we had in mind when our team of parents, special education teachers, research scientists, and mobile gaming app developers sat down to re-imagine what a new generation of AAC could offer. Our goal is to get the whole family and all the professionals who work with a SuperKiddo on the same page when it comes to communication — and in turn provide healthier, happier communication for everyone.

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How to build sentences using words and photos in SuperSpeak for your nonverbal SuperKiddo *Advanced

This video tutorial of SuperSpeak is for those working with more advanced nonverbal children who can understand written words or have a beginner reading level.

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Here you can easily learn how to let your SuperKiddo build complete sentences using the words category and related images to attach to each word.

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How to use related images to make request using SuperSpeak

SuperSpeak gives your nonverbal SuperKiddo the means to communicate and make requests. This video will teach you how to set up related images in SuperSpeak so your nonverbal child can request their needs and wants.

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