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SuperStar Spotlight: Karyn Warren, ASD Teacher

Last year at the Georgia IDEAS conference we had the great pleasure of meeting a very forward-thinking school district administrator, Laura J. Austin, Ed.S. As chairperson of Greenbrier High School’s Special Education Department, Laura immediately recognized how SuperSpeak AAC & PLAY would be a game changer for her students and teachers. Once SuperSpeak was implemented […]

SuperStar Spotlight: Merida Kelly, Teacher & Parent Educator

We at Superplus value each and every one of our customers. From parents, to teachers, to special needs professionals, we all share the same mission: improving the lives of children with special needs. That’s why we’ve decided to honor a hard-working ambassador of our SuperSpeak app each month. This month, we’re highlighting Merida Kelly, a super […]

Getting Nonverbal Kiddos Ready for Halloween

Halloween and other holidays outside of our normal day to day can often be overwhelming for children with special needs. At Superplus we love to provide you with solutions, so here are some tips to help your SuperKiddo enjoy the events surrounding Halloween. Tips for getting your SuperKiddos ready for Halloween: Find a children’s story […]

How to Easily Share Your AAC Vocabulary Across Multiple Devices & Environments

Consistency is a key factor in success whenever practicing anything new. This is especially true when nonverbal SuperKiddos are learning an augmented and alternative communications (AAC) tool like SuperSpeak. It’s also important to provide consistent opportunities for your SuperKiddos to communicate using their AAC tool. That’s why at Superplus we have made it a priority […]

A New School Year Brings New Beginnings: And A New AAC Tool

As we get settled into the school year we are all faced with new people, places and opportunities. It is a very exciting time for us all! Starting a new school year may also bring with it some challenges. For parents and their nonverbal children, you are having to get adjusted to new teachers, therapists, […]

We’re coming to America #SPST2015

    Superplus has been up and running for almost a year!  I am happy to say that now it’s time to do what I love doing the most – talk to families and communicate with children that are nonverbal. So, on that note, Katrine, our CEO and Special Education Teacher and I, are coming […]

A Chance to Win an iPad by Telling us What you Think

Enter for a chance to win an iPad by providing feedback on SuperSpeak, a new communication app for non-verbal children and their families. To enter for a chance to win, complete these 3 steps: 1.  Download our free app 2.  Take time to check out the feature and benefits 3.  Provide feedback by filling out our survey […]