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Katrine Gulstad Pedersen

Katrine Gulstad Pedersen

Teacher & Practice

Special needs teacher with more than ten years of experience working together with special needs children. Katrine has been a key driver for the implementation of digital tools and solutions in public schools and kindergartens as well as establishing strategies for best practice. She continues to strive towards positive change in her current role as a preschool through kindergarten principal.

Stian Hansen

Stian Hansen

Product & Tech

Tech specialist with more than 15 years of experience as a founder, developer and manager in the health software and gaming industries. Stian has produced services used by tens of millions of users worldwide through Social Games on Facebook, as General Manager at Playfish and most recently by creating mobile and tablet games as co-founder of Greenlit Games.

Kim Daniel Arthur

Kim Daniel Arthur

Strategy & Execution

Start-up expert with a lifelong passion for creating fun interactive experiences. Kim was a founding member and VP of Global Studios at Playfish where he oversaw their growth to over 280 million users in their social games and $380 million acquisition by Electronic Arts in 2009. Before Playfish, Kim spent 6 years at Glu Mobile as their Head of Studio Europe and CTO for Asia Pacific. Glu Mobile was listed on Nasdaq in 2007.

Kirsten McLoud

Kirsten McLoud

Marketing Director

Social enterprise enthusiast with extensive experience in marketing, fundraising and building ambassador networks for non-profit and social enterprises. Previously she was the director of field marketing at Rally.org, a crowdfunding platform for social good, in San Francisco. At Rally she championed their “Commitment to Action” for the Clinton Foundation’s Global Initiative in San Francisco and Berlin. A native Californian, Kirsten is honored to be part of a Norwegian startup promoting progress by fostering cross-sector collaboration.

Mary Sprecher

Mary Sprecher

Business Development Manager

Educator with 15 years of experience at the district, state and federal level. Mary specializes in the development, implementation, and evaluation of customized educational technologies and professional learning implementations. She has expertise in crafting district-wide initiatives to build capacity and establish sustainability. Mary partners with districts to help leverage financial and human resources to transform programs and improve teaching and learning. Her passion includes providing world-class education for all students.

Marie Moksness

Marie Moksness

Behavior Analyst, Product Manager

Marie is an applied behavior analyst with an extensive background in health care. Her work has included promoting psychosocial wellbeing for people with diverse needs, and being directly involved in the strategic development of health education programs on a national level for Norway. Her prior experience from both applied behavior analysis and experimental research within the behavioral sciences has included the investigation of learning processes important to language and concept formation. Marie has a great interest in and love for the fusion of learning principles with game design and technology.

Vadim Pecherskiy

Vadim Pecherskiy

Software Engineer

Vadim is a experienced game developer with a passion for creating fun and rewarding interactive products. Over the last 10 years he has development both entertainment and educational games for children across the world. Vadim has a unique combination of aesthetic and technical skills that allow him to work across disciplines and make new ideas come to life in the hands of our users.

Sam Blanco

Sam Blanco

Behavior Analyst, Product and Blog Consultant

Sam is an applied behavior analyst in New York City, providing 1:1 services for individuals with autism ages 3-15. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis at Endicott College. She is the author of the ABA Curriculum for the Common Core and co-author of the soon-to-be-released ABA Tools of the Trade: A Resource for Data Collection and Effective Behavior Change. She has consulted with the Theatre Development Fund’s Autism Theatre Initiative, as well as with the director of the upcoming Sesame Street video "Amazing." Sam loves incorporating games and technology into her practice and is dedicated to sharing resources with parents and educators.

Dan Fitch

Dan Fitch

Speech & Language Pathologist, Product and Blog Consultant

Dan is a speech-language pathologist who is currently employed in both school-based and private practice settings He is passionate about the connections between communication and technology. His constant focus is on helping children with special needs be able to communicate through multiple means. His career has taken him to a variety of settings where he has worked with children who present with different communication challenges. This breadth of experience has allowed him to think differently when it comes to meeting children’s communication needs.

We believe in a brighter future

We started Superplus with a single mission: to improve the lives of children with special needs. Our experience as both parents and teachers for special needs children inspired us to challenge the status quo. Our children were stuck using old tools like printed flash cards for verbal communication or applications too complicated or boring to use regularly.

We care about families

We know that each child is unique. We know that as parents and teachers you understand your child better than anyone. With our apps we want to enable you and your child to live a richer and fuller life – together.

We combine knowledge and play

At Superplus we use strategies from the gaming world to communicate everything we have learned from our clinical research and practical teaching within the special needs ecosystem. Creating engaging and motivating user experiences around the science is our biggest priority. Knowledge and play is in our DNA. We’re building a new way for children with special needs to gain confidence and self worth – and to master the world around them.


At Superplus, we love our customers. We celebrate in their success and learn from their challenges. Superplus wants to provide solutions and give flight to what our customer can only imagine. That is why Superplus actively and continuously seek out other like minded people and organizations to partner with, within the special needs community. Together with our partners, we can inspire progress that will in turn improve lives.

Yale School of Medicine
– Child Study Center

Using only the highest quality of research, Superplus works in conjunction with Yale’s Child Study Center to continually find and validate the best approaches to our products.


TASK is a Parent Training and Information Center that serves all ages and all abilities. Our services include one on one telephone advocacy, special education workshops, and information and referrals. We primarily work with parents of children with special needs and the professionals that serve them in the special education arena. For more information, visit: www.taskca.org

Texas Children’s Hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital is ranked #4 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. The Child Life department uses Superplus to assist with patient care and treatment.

Sam Blanco

A luminary in the field and contributor to: www.blog.difflearn.com/ and Tech Crunch, her NEW FB page is a treasure chest of resources:www.facebook.com/ABAToolsoftheTrade

The Center for Children with Special Needs & The Center for Independence

www.ccsnct.org – An interdisciplinary clinic specializing in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of children and adolescents with complex developmental disabilities.

Lekotek Centers

Lekotek Centers offer therapeutic PLAY-based family sessions for families of children with disabilities structured to help children learn, develop and thrive. www.lekotek.org

UP of Southern California

UP of Southern California – Training center to help unleash the potential in those struggling with challenging situations. They have train for child with disabilities as well as parent and special needs provider training courses. Wonderful network of people and support. www.upofsocal.com

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Oslo and Akershus University College is an internationally renowned research institution within the field behavioral sciences related to children with autism and other developmental delays.  Learn more here.

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