Extraordinary Skills Leveraged to Create a World-Class Product

In partnering with Spesialistbedriften, a company of specially skilled employees with Asperger Syndrome (AS), we have taken an extra step in unlocking the true potential of our AAC product SuperSpeak.

We at Superplus are all extremely motivated by our mission to create the best possible way for children without verbal language to communicate with the world around them. Managing the process of expanding the functionality of our app while staying true to our values of simplicity, ease of use and individual tailoring is a challenging task. That’s why we are thrilled to tell you about our partnership with Spesialistbedriften!

This year, Spesialistbedriften has taken over quality assurance aspects of SuperSpeak by carrying out the final, crucial step of testing our new features for our end users – SuperKiddos and those who care for them!

What does Spesialistbedriften do?

The company provides quality assurance of software through its highly skilled team of testers. What makes Spesialistbedriften unique is that the company employs people with Asperger Syndrome, making the most of their special skills through focused, accurate and detailed functional testing.

“We focus on the positive strengths that our Asperger’s employees offer and we give them the means to unlock their potential through the detail-oriented project we are contracted for,” says Marit Stranden from Spesialistbedriften.

The lead tester at Spesialistbedriften, Thomas Ystenes, has created the test cases and processes to ensure that our app SuperSpeak gets a clean bill of health before we launch new features to our users.

“We are dedicated and proud to be able to offer our precision to companies like Superplus,” says Ystenes.

Why is Superplus excited about this?

For us at Superplus, working with Spesialistbedriften is a perfect fit due to their alignment with our mission as a company as well as the values and skills of their employees. We are proud to be working with Spesialistbedriften to raise the quality of SuperSpeak. We look forward to a successful partnership with the launch of our new features:

  • Location awareness (use GPS, WiFi or Estimote beacons) to automatically filter vocabulary based on location. (More on that soon!)
  • Predictive text. SuperSpeak AAC can automatically help your child find their most commonly used words, and it feels a bit like magic!
  • Automatic text-to-speech if you choose not to record your own voice. Just enter the text and SuperSpeak will say the words.

Spesialistbedriften ensures all these new (and existing) features of our app SuperSpeak are working properly. Now isn’t that super?