How to Best Support your Nonverbal Learners

Calling all teachers, practitioners and parents of extraordinary learners – it is time for a change and it is time for technology in the classroom! As educators, it is imperative that we are fluent in the use of digital devices. It is our job to teach our learners how to be independent AND to help them develop functional skills with using  technology.

It is the perfect time of year start! All kiddos are back in school. As a special needs teacher I would like to share with you how to best support your nonverbal learners. The Play-to-Learn AAC app, SuperSpeak uses photos and voice recordings from the learner’s own environment to promote communication.

I love that I can take a photo in the moment and put it right into the app, SuperSpeak. As a teacher this allows me to  personalize the vocabulary and how it is visually displayed for each of my individual learners. I can also share a profile with the parents so everyone has access to our learner’s vocabulary. I find it especially helpful to use what my kiddos are interested in and familiar with as a base for growing communication and learning.

SuperSpeak draws from the fantastic research and findings of Janice Light & Kathy Drager of Penn State University. Our app SuperSpeak “allows parents or clinicians to respond immediately to the child’s interests as they occur and to capture these interests and experiences “just in time” (JIT) for communication during the interaction.” While the Play environment allows me to personalize both the games and the rewards. It also collects valuable data from the progress of each kiddo. All while making it  super easy to understand for both children, educators, specialists and parents.

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Check out SuperSpeak’s benefits and newest features:

  • App includes but is not limited to: Play, AAC, Cloud Storage, Sharing of Profiles amongst teachers, Data and Reporting
  • Core Vocabulary with SymbolStix as part of our library
  • Predictive text. Our AAC can automatically help your child find their most commonly used words, and it feels a bit like magic!
  • Automatic text-to-speech if you choose not to record your own voice. Just enter the text and SuperSpeak will say the word
  • Free virtual professional learning implementation support with our team
  • Updates and technical support 24/7 with a live, human being
  • Coming soon SuperSpeak in español

We would love the opportunity to help you support your superkiddos and families. Please contact us to find out how we can best support your extraordinary learners at In the meantime, download the app SuperSpeak for free today, from the app store and start getting super ;)! 

Looking forward to visiting with you.

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