Dispelling 3 Common Myths About AAC

For special education providers like myself and parents, it is imperative to know you are using the best tools for your SuperKiddo’s development! At Superplus, we know you want to be well informed. That’s why we thought it was time to shed light on some common myths about Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices.

Myth: Using an AAC device will stop speech development

Research clearly shows that using an AAC device does not in any way impede the development of speech. In fact, use of an AAC device has often been found to improve language development and enhance outcomes. Practicing communication in this way through repetition, positive reinforcement and confidence building will encourage your SuperKiddo to speak, decreasing the need for formal speech training.

Myth: Children can’t use an AAC device before a certain age

Age is just a number, after all, but when it comes to AACs, even infants and toddlers can use them with success! Think about it this way: how old are children when their parents begin teaching them speech? Children are enveloped in language in utero – hearing their parents’ voices – and throughout infancy as parents whisper and coo to them constantly. The same exposure is beneficial when using an AAC device. Even if your child is too young to use the device independently, exposing your child to this way of communicating will help develop his/her understanding from the start.

Myth: Children with little to no cognitive ability can’t use AAC

This is simply untrue. Research actually points to the opposite. Use of AAC can improve cognition in most cases. However, this does not mean that all children should use the same kind of AAC. In the past, devices had been designed for children at a specific cognitive level, and the mainstream devices were targeted to children who would gain the most from using them. Today, special needs providers have access to better and less expensive tech tools like SuperSpeak, which can be customized to all cognitive levels – there is no limit to who can use AAC effectively!

So have no fear: AAC tools such as SuperSpeak can greatly improve the lives of your SuperKiddos.   

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Did you have any reservations about using AAC devices with your SuperKiddo? Let us know in the comments!